Pasture Genetics have an extensive range of seed products to target all farming enterprises across Australia.


Lucerne is one of the largest forage crops utilized across the world. Commonly known as the “King of Fodder”, it is a deep rooted perennial plant.



Clovers come in many forms from annual to perennial types. They are very high in feed quality and act as a backbone product in most pasture blends.



In many areas of Australia we have seen a rapid uptake in the use of medic as a key pasture base. Medics are extremely robust in their nature to grow and set seed on as little as 90mm of in crop rainfall.



The ryegrass group of products in very diverse, it includes annual, Italian and perennial types. These are then broken down into tetraploid and diploid types.


Sub Tropical Grasses

Sub Tropical grasses are perennial with the dominance of their growing occurring in the summer periods. They are very slow to establish in the paddock, but once this has been achieved, they offer excellent long term persistence.



The grasses group of products is very diverse, covering tall fescue – mediterranean and continental, cocksfoot and phalaris. The 3 species have the ability to handle lower to medium rainfall zones (450mm+).


Forage Cereals

The increase in farmers targeting quick feed early in the autumn period has grown rapidly. Forage Cereals offer high dry matter production at a cost effective price.


Brassica & Herbs

Forage brassicas offer a lifespan from 10 months to 18 months. Herbs such as plantain and chicory tend to give a longer term pasture of 2-3 years.



Vetch is a multi-purpose crop grown mostly as a disease break crop in rotation with cereals in a wide range of soil types from light sands to heavier clay soils.


Spring Options

The use of purpose bred species like forage millets and sorghums, offers fast growing feed over the peak summer period. Both products need to be planted in spring only, once set soil temperatures have been achieved.



Pasture Genetics distribute many key cropping products around Australia. These cover cereals, pulse, vetches and legumes.



Pasture Genetics distribute the Pro Turf range of blends and straight turf lines across Australia. Key lines are sourced from major turf breeders in the USA that are designed for the finest turf finish.