Pasture Genetics distribute many key cropping products around Australia. These cover cereals, pulse, vetches and legumes.

Pasture Genetics in association with the SARDI New Variety and Evaluation Group

It gives me great pleasure to present the 2016 Seed Distributors Cropping Sowing Guide. We would like to thank Rob Wheeler and his team at SARDI New Variety Evaluation Group for the opportunity to share this useful and resourceful information with you.

Seed Distributors would also like to thank all the advertising partners who work with us so we can put such a publication together allowing us to send it out across the country to growers and advisers alike.

2015 has been a tough year for many, with a lower than average rainfall throughout the growing season. This resulted in average crop yields and poor quality grain, of course this was not helped by the recent down poor we had through the mid north of South Australia with some farmers getting up to 120mls of rain in November. This has also had a large impact on the production of Oats, Vetch and other forage lines for 2016.

There were a large number of Pulses sown this year with Chickpeas in Queensland, Lentils and Faba Beans in SA and Victoria, and Vetch throughout the country for both grain, forage and hay crops. As a result the Canola was reduced from a lot of cropping rotations this year.

On a final note there is some fantastic new and exciting releases for the cropping world. All of which will be available along with all products mentioned in this guide through Seed Distributors. Whether it be from our own production, common cultivars or the latest PBR varieties. Please contact your local Area Sales Manager for any enquiries and we can send seed to a depot near you.

Seed Distributors wish you all the best and have a safe and happy 2016.

James Cook and the Seed Distributors Cropping Team

*A special note to those that lost loved ones, houses, pets, stock, machinery and crops in the recent fire that went through the Mallala and surrounding areas in South Australia. Our thoughts are with you and we wish you all the best with rebuilding your lives. 

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