Selecting your farming enterprise will help to target specific pasture species to your animal or production requirements.


The pasture systems utilized by sheep graziers tend to be products selected for lower to the medium rainfall zones. Specific pastures need to have the ability to survive longer seasonal challenges than high rainfall areas.


Beef Cattle

Beef cattle enterprises vary in Australia, from low to high rainfall and have significant differences in life expectancies of their pastures.


Dairy Cattle

Dairy based pastures are expected to offer the highest quality and tonnage over set rotational time lines. The main sector of dairying in Australia is high rainfall or irrigated.



The equine industry requires specific pasture species that offer longevity and quality for high performance animals.


Hay & Silage

When targeting forage crops for specific hay or silage end use markets, it is important to select products that can handle the full process of cutting and drying, without potential quality and dry matter loss.


Viti & Horti

The use of seed products to aid in rotational benefits, weed suppression and overall soil conditioning are important for the main horticulture or viticulture enterprise.