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Insights, observations and lessons learnt: Rob’s deep understanding of forage production and pasture development and the role that it can play in boosting livestock profitability, has helped him build one of Australia’s most successful agribusinesses over more than 30 years.

Rob Says: PASTURES Lucerne Update 2019

By Rob Damin | April 12, 2019 | Comments Off on Rob Says: PASTURES Lucerne Update 2019

Australia is a land of extremes, highlighted over the last year of droughts and floods. However, in this time of adversity, the usefulness of lucerne on many farms across the country shines. As the most frequently grown and highest yielding perennial forage legume crop across the globe, lucerne is highly efficient, producing more protein per […]

Rob Says: Forage Advisor 2018

By Rob Damin | February 21, 2018 | Comments Off on Rob Says: Forage Advisor 2018

With livestock returns on production at the highest levels in a generation, pastures are being renewed as farmers move to optimise their returns from livestock in meat, milk or fibre. The genetic potential of livestock performance in modern herds and flocks can be limited by intake quality and availability. Fortunately, at Pasture Genetics we evaluate […]

Rob Says: Spring Advisor 2017

By Rob Damin | September 25, 2017 | Comments Off on Rob Says: Spring Advisor 2017

As we approach our spring sowing window, Pasture Genetics have compiled the Spring Advisor 2017. Spring is the season of opportunity, with the usually reliable combination of rising soil temperatures and soil moisture.  How to best harness this opportunity with spring planting for forage production is the essence of this Advisor. Across the regions of Australia, we have seen […]